MARMOREFLEX® the new patented material from Reflex

Thanks to advanced technology, Reflex is offering MARMOREFLEX for covering walls, table tops, details and furniture components. An innovative material made from very high quality raw materials and using cutting-edge technologies. This innovative digital printing system can reproduce the features of particularly delicate and valuable marble and onyx and opens up new creative possibilities in interior decoration. The large plates with a very small thickness for coating are able to enhance essential and contemporary design, creating a highly versatile product.

Agata 01 viola lucido
Agata 01 viola lucido2
Agata 02 azzurro lucido
Agata 20 azzurro acidato
Azul Macaubas lucido
Azul Macaubas acidato
Amani daino lucido
Amani daino acidato
Amani grigio lucido
Amani grigio acidato
Calacatta oro lucido
Calacatta oro lucido
Calacatta bianco lucido
Calacatta bianco lucido
Emperador dark lucido
Emperador dark acidato
Gray Saint Laurent lucido
Gray Saint Laurent acidato
Grigio carnico lucido
Grigio Carnico acidato
Marmo Cesare lucido
Marmo Cesare acidato
Onice grigio lucido
Onice grigio acidato
Onice oro lucido
Onice oro acidato
Onice pesca lucido
Onice pesca acidato
Onice verde lucido
Onice verde acidato
Onice bianco lucido
Onice bianco acidato
Orange black lucido
Orange black acidato
Sahara lucido
Sahara acidato
Zebrino lucido
Zebrino lucido





Features and advantages of MARMOREFLEX


Lightweight and versatile, has a much lower weight than marble.

1 m2 MARMO: 24/26 kg 1 m2 MARMOREFLEX: 10/12 kg

Low Thickness

Thinness is the strategic advantage offered by this material, which allows for a thickness of only 2/4 mm.


By means of HD printing, the rarest and most precious marbles can be reproduced without extracting them from quarries, ruining mountains.


It maintains all the typical properties of tempered glass in terms of chemical resistance and durability.


A product available in large plates which can cover entire surfaces, such as the walls of a room.
Format: 1500 x 6000 mm


Not only marble, but also artistic decorations and special patterns that give life to new styles.