From our roots to today, a tradition that becomes renewed over time

The Venetian tradition was the great guiding light for the path travelled by the Lucatello family many years ago, starting with a company specialised in glasswork (Società Vetraria Biancadese) which today has become an industrial group specialised in the high-end furniture sector and the development of renewable sources.
The Reflex S.p.a. group is managed by the Lucatello Family, which has always maintained a powerful combination of both industry and craftsmanship.

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On the island of Murano, highly skilled workshop masters create real masterpieces of the art of glasswork. For over a thousand years, ancient secrets have been passed down from generation to generation and enrich the great heritage of Made in Italy products, envied by the whole world: an excellence of our country which must be valued and protected.

Multicolor finish formed by a fabric colorful glassy, Venice console
Solid glass made by hand sculpting the incandescent glass mass, Coral 72
Hand-carving workmanship that gives the product a unique and unrepeatable form, Murano

Technological innovation and continuous research and experimentation are a fundamental pillar for creating and designing products, in which functionality and aesthetics are combined in a single element, able to give rise to design products which use the latest technology.

Patented Synchro manual mechanism for extendable table, Policleto
Leg attachment system in Murano glass, Fili d’erba 72
Transformability and mechanism become aesthetic elements of the product itself, Coco de mer buffet

Many of our products are made entirely from 100% recyclable glass, and the coloured finishings are made with eco-friendly water-based non-allergenic paints. Care for the environment is a guiding principle for Reflex when making decisions about large-scale serial production, in order to minimize environmental impact.

Decorative chandelier made entirely of glass, Bulles chandelier
Chandelier decoration made of glass and painted with eco-friendly and non-allergenic paints, Rondini chandelier
Base and top made entirely of glass, Neolitico 40